14,50 € (instead of 19,99 EUR)


Für geschädigtes bis extrem geschädigtes Haar
Beseitigt die Haarschäden der letzten 3 Jahre. 100% Haar Regeneration. Bis zu 90% weniger Haarbruch (Messung in Kombination mit Shampoo und Conditioner)

Pflegendes Shampoo für geschädigtes Haar + Intensives Creme-Serum für die Haarspitzen


Hair Extensions

Long dream hair

Natural volume, modern effects in all customary lengths or simply beautiful long hair- thanks to GREAT LENGTHS amazing results will make you “shine” within only a short period of time.

Invisible bondings realized with the gentle ultrasound method speak for themselves due to their high quality.

The hair extensions we use at Hair Lounge Meloneras are of great quality and you can find them in all available color nuances- from bright to dark blond, over different brown shades and red to a dark black.

The vibrant colors ensure the perfect color nuance and add new glamour to your extension or hair thickening.