14,50 € (instead of 19,99 EUR)


Für geschädigtes bis extrem geschädigtes Haar
Beseitigt die Haarschäden der letzten 3 Jahre. 100% Haar Regeneration. Bis zu 90% weniger Haarbruch (Messung in Kombination mit Shampoo und Conditioner)

Pflegendes Shampoo für geschädigtes Haar + Intensives Creme-Serum für die Haarspitzen


Wedding hairdo

Get married in Gran Canaria

Getting married in Gran Canaria is the dream of many couples. What is meant to be the most beautiful day in your life does not only require the perfect location and weather conditions but also the perfect hairdo. At Hair Lounge Meloneras, your hair stylist in Gran Canaria, they provide you with a tailor made consultation and they also offer a free trial of your wedding updo. .

A bride-to-be who wants to get married in Gran Canaria wants to make sure to have the best hair stylist on site. Speak with the team of Hair Lounge Meloneras and hand your most beautiful day over to real professionals.